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Insurance is your guarantee against a loss that cannot be avoided or that cannot be prevented. In brief and per se the sense of insurance consists in economic defence of property interests of the insured person.

If the insurance policy (insurance contract) is available it will help to manage with unpleasant surprises and bring down risks because an aim of insurance is to reduce the material loss of the insured person and/or his family.

Attaining the certain level of welfare a man has a necessity to protect it from a loss. He insures life, health, property, sometimes the civil responsibility against possible risks in every certain case. Property is ensured against a fire, action of water, unlawful actions of the third persons. Life and health is ensured against the risks of death, critical diseases, complete or partial loss of ability to work. Thus, insurance allows expecting on the receipt of dollar adjustment in case if an undesirable event happened nevertheless. For example, getting a trauma as a result of accident a man can recover the injury due to insurance compensation.

So reimbursing of obtained loss insurance allows supporting stability and firmness of the attained standard of living. An insurance policy (insurance contract) does not eliminate dangers and risks from our life, but helps to manage with them due to compensating their consequences by finance.